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View a small selection from the thousands of pieces of art that Chesley Bonestell created.

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Saturn as seen from Mimas, 1943
Moon through porthole 10 miles away, c. 1944-45
Theophilus, 1944
Saturn as seen from Titan, 1944
Saturn as seen from Iapetus, 1944
Liebnitz Mountains, 1945
125 Miles Above Williamsport, PA, 1945
Transcontinental rocket ship taking off from Long Island, c. 1946
Surface of Venus, c. 1946-1947
Mount Palomar Telescope, 1947
Launching nuclear missiles from moon, 1948
Ship Ready for Return Trip, 1948
Surface of Mercury, 1948
A-bombing of New York City, 1948
Close-up of another sun, 1948
Baby Space Station, 1950
Evolution of the Earth, c. 1950-1951
Dismantling ships in Sinus Roris, 1951
Descending Toward the Moon, 1951
Formation of the Earth's continents, 1952
Saturn as seen from Titan, 1952
Separation of the third stage of the manned ferry, 1952
Assembly of the moonships 1,075 miles above the Hawaiian Islands, 1952
Assembling the Mars expedition, 1953
620 Miles Above Mars, 1953
Rocket Ready for Launching, c. 1953
Exploring Mars, 1953
Mars seen from Phobos, 1954
Landing on Mars, c. 1954-1955
Nova melting hypothetical planet, 1955
Assembling the ships for the Mars expedition, 1956
Pulling rockets into upright position for takeoff, 1956
Mare Imbrium: Formation of Mare Imbrium from Space, 1958
Descent to the Moon, 500 Miles Below, 1959
Beta Lyrae, 1960
Boosting Mars Ship into Orbit, 1963
Colony on Mars Under Plastic Domes, 1963
Domed Colony on Mars, 1976
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Here is a list of other examples of Bonestell's work.

Jupiter as Seen from its Innermost Satellite, c. 1940
New York After Being Hit By a Meteor, c. 1940
Saturn as Seen from Rhea, 1943
Rocket Returns, 4000 Miles Above Earth, 1945
Zero Hour Minus Five, 1945
25 Miles Above New Jersey, 1945
View Through Porthole, 15,000 Miles from Earth, 1945
Crater Aristarchus, 1945
Eclipse of the Sun by the Earth, 1945
Above England at Sunset, 1945
Above the Atlantic Coast, 1945
A Hundred and Twenty-five Miles Above Williamsport, PA, 1945
Above Earth, 2000 Miles, 1945
Above Laplace Promontory, 1945
Above Theophilus, 1945
Martian Landscape, Looking Toward Pole, 1945
Moon Seen from 4500 Miles, 1945
Albategnius, 1946
Above Mt. Pico, 1946
250 Miles Above Nevada-Utah Border, c.1946
50 Miles Above San Francisco Bay, c. 1946
500 Miles Above Eastern Nebraska, c. 1946
Earth Seen from 35,000 Miles, 1946
Lunar Valley, 1946
Martian Landscape, 1946
Surface of Jupiter, c. 1947
Mount Palomar Telescope, 1947
Lunar Base, 1947
Mars Seen from Deimos, Its Farther Moon, 1948
Mars as Seen From Deimos, 1948
Neptune as Seen From Triton, 1948
Pluto, 1948
Great Valley of the Alps, 1948
Jupiter as Seen from Europa, 1948
Copernicus, 1948
Ship Ready for Return Trip, 1948
Saturn's Rings, 15.5 Degrees S, 1948
Uranus Seen From Its Third Major Satellite, 1948
Surface of Mars, Near Pole with Canal, 1949
Separation Over Pacific, 1950
Saturn's Rings, 1950
Destruction of Egypt by Meteors, 1950
Reentry of Satellite, 1950
Martian Landscape, Near Southern Pole, 1950
Ocean Floor, 1952
Fueling Three-Stage Rocket, c. 1953
Antares, 1953
Saturn's Rings, Wide-Angle, 1954
Mars Seen from Phobos, 1954
Martian Canal with Fog, 1955
1380 Miles Out from Earth on the Way to Mars, 1955
Voyager: The Mission, c. 1955-60
Dust Storm on Mars, 1956
Mars During Opposition, 1956
Pleione, 1960
Assembly of Deepspace Craft, 1960
Epsilon Aurigae, 1960
Milky Way Galaxy, 1960
Mira Ceti, 1960
Zeta Aurigae, 1960
AE Aquarii, 1960
RW Persei, 1960
U Sagittae, c. 1960
Takeoff of Heavy Booster, 1960
Top Stage of Ion Ship, 1960
Earth, Moon and Mars Compared, 1961
Returning to Earth, 1962
Assembly of Ion Ships in Earth Orbit, 1963
Cargo Ferry Landing on Mars, 1963
Approaching Mars, 1963
Approaching Mars, Over Deimos, 1963
Approaching Mars, Over Phobos, 1963
Mountains of Mitchel, 1963
Drifting Toward Mars, 1964
Aurora at the North Pole, 1966
Asistencia San Antonio de Pala, c. 1971-73
La Purisima Concepcion, c. 1971-73
Nuestra Senora de la Soledad, c. 1971-73
Mars as Seen From Phobos, c. 1971
San Antonio de Padua, c. 1971-73
San Buenaventura, c. 1971-73
San Carlos Borromea de Carmelo, c. 1971-73
San Diego, c. 1971-73
San Fernando Rey de Espana, c. 1971-73
San Francisco de Asis, c. 1971-73
San Francisco de Solano, c. 1971-73
San Gabriel Archangel, c. 1971-73
San Jose, c. 1971-73
San Juan Bautista, c. 1971-73
San Juan Capistrano, c. 1971-73
San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, c. 1971-73
San Luis Rey de Francia, c. 1971-73
San Miguel Arcangel, c. 1971-73
San Rafael Arcangel, c. 1971-73
Santa Barbara, c. 1971-73
Santa Clara de Asis, c. 1971-73
Santa Cruz, c. 1971-73
Santa Ines, c. 1971-73
Mars Landscape, 1977
Great Siberian Explosion of 1908, 1977
Saturn as Seen from Titan, 1978
Saturn's Rings Seen on a Midsummer Night from the Surface at 40 Degrees Southern Latitude, undated
Expedition 180,000 Miles from Home, undated
Expedition 270,000 miles from Earth, undated
Takeoff from Mars, undated
Venus Seen from Space, undated
Mars in Scale with Solar System, undated
Mars as Seen From Deimos, undated
Great Wall, undated
Ion-Powered Spaceship Passing the Moon, undated
Earth, Moon and Comet, undated
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